Accessory belt problem & engine dies at idle

Accessory belt problem & engine dies at idle

Postby SlowRider [OP] » September 15th 2020, 8:38pm

EDIT: AC Compressor pulley is seized.

2002 Astro RWD w/ AC.

Just snapped a serpentine belt after trying to start the engine up after pumping gas. Hitched to the parts store, got a new belt and tore the thing down in the gas station lot... looked like the belt tensioner had seized because it wasn't spinning freely and had rubber caked onto the grooves...

I'm an hour & a half walk from nearest parts store (and 1000 miles from friends or family!) so pulled the tensioner off, cleaned grooves, and put lithium grease on the interior where the pulley spins. It is no longer seized but still has some resistance. Was hoping that would get me able to do the 3 mile drive to the parts store once put back together and serpentine replaced but the engine starts rough and dies very quickly at idle. Saw smoke around the crankshaft pulley but not sure if belt smoking or cranskaft pulley / harmonic balancer is shot. It looks like some small metal dust near crankshaft area but not sure if that was there before or not.

Had nothing but a squeaky belt before the issue occurred after parking for gas and attempting to start the vehicle. Has to be related to the accesory belt components but not sure how to diagnose.
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