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Code P1404... Fixed.. Possible solution for you too

October 30th 2012, 4:10am

I had the check engine light on for awhile and was constantly getting code P1404.

Van ran ok, under light throttle it would hesitate every now and then.

Code P1404 is an EGR code. I tested everything that has to do with my EGR and it was all perfect.

I just gave up! I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Well two weeks ago my fuel pump went out on me. I installed it at 40861 miles, my van has 42712 miles today.

This fuel pump died in under 2000 miles. I bought it on ebay from AM AUTOPARTS. JUNK!

I found a brand new Delphi pump for 115 shipped on ebay. Dropped the tank put in the new pump and no more Check Engine Light! No hesitation at all! Mileage has improved as well!

Long story short, Don't buy a Chinese made pump! Still don't know why the pump was throwing code P1404 but its all fixed now thanks to the Delphi Pump. Its worth the money! Trust me, I stripped one of the strap bolt holes in the frame and had to tap it out when I was reinstalling the tank. You dont want to drop the tank if you dont have too!

Re: Code P1404... Fixed.. Possible solution for you too

October 31st 2012, 5:10am

Where did you get a Delphi pump that cheap?

Re: Code P1404... Fixed.. Possible solution for you too

November 1st 2012, 7:15pm

A guy had it listed on Ebay. Bought it for his van. Never installed sold the van, Sold it to me CHEAP

1998 GMC Safari Code P1404

May 11th 2014, 12:41am

Hello, I am responding to Clayboy's blog.

I have a 1998 GMC Safari, i HAD the exact same issue, P1404, I am a printer technician and i tested the egr and a bunch of other things and the code just would not go away. I replaced the Airtek fuel pump (after reading your results) with a Delphi FG0068 Fuel Pump from ebay and code is gone and has not returned and the hesitation on light throttle is gone as well.

I thought it might be of value to add, I did a lot of testing as a tech and I found that when the egr connector is connected to the egr and the ignition switch is on I got no voltage, when i disconnected the egr connector from the egr and test for voltage i get 12 volts, so for some reason the Airtek fuel pump one the GMC Safari is blocking the 12 volt feed to the egr valve when it is connected to the egr.

Thanks Clayboy, I live in GA so now I can get my emission done.
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