Rebuildable 1998 4.3 Engine Core (CENTRAL VA - MUST GO!)

Rebuildable 1998 4.3 Engine Core (CENTRAL VA - MUST GO!)

Postby TaxiVan [OP] » January 6th 2013, 12:04pm

Hi all...

Had an informal autopsy done on my old engine yesterday... I was there when a couple of main and rod bearing caps were pulled for inspection. The mechanic was impressed, all things considered. Apparently I had bearings that were trying to spin from high mileage, and finally succumbed to oil contamination from a leaking head gasket. (Coolant was not milky, but smelled funny)

The crankshaft looked good, bearings were so-so. You could see discoloration where heat and coolant had been working on them, but they were not scored or scratched. It was run one minute or less total (not continuous) since oil pressure loss. Considering what ailed this engine, I'm surprised it ran as long as it did (over 50,000 miles), and I'm sure if it were rebuilt, it would be quite reliable. Mileage cannot be verified at this point, but by my estimates, it had at least 300k on it, and ran quite well as a daily driver before oil pressure loss.

Engine is not seized, but did run for short periods of time with little to no oil pressure, for diagnosis and positioning to be towed. As it would still start (reluctantly) and run (dead cylinder) before it was pulled, I am confident it can be rebuilt without any extraordinary work, and I am offering the complete long block assembly including distributor, throttle body and rocker covers as a REBUILDABLE CORE for any reasonable offer. S-truck style manifolds available if desired. You pick up or pay shipping, but MOVE FAST - it goes to the junkyard in a few days if no one bites.

As this engine came from an AWD with the tow package, I presume everything is heavy-duty, and that this is the 190-200 hp version. Build date on vehicle is 8/97. See my thread for pics of the engine. What you see is what you get, including the pallet it sits on.

Circumstances of failure:
Irregular misfire at highway speed for 12 months or more, with no visible indication of leakage.
Engine eventually ran low on coolant and stopped skipping.
Overheated, allowed to cool and refilled.
Misfire returned, was driven home.

The next day, it started and ran fine.

Following a 175-mile trip, engine oil pressure dropped to under 5 psi while idling.

Engine was shut down and fluids were checked. Restarted, oil pressure was still low. Shut down within fifteen seconds.

Was restarted to position for tow truck, then shut down.
Restarted again an hour later, and run fifteen seconds for a mechanic's diagnosis.
Two weeks later, started and run for less than thirty seconds to position for towing home.

Not cranked since.

Again, if you are interested, don't hesitate, if someone can use this, I'd rather see someone from this site get it than the junkyard, but I can't keep it around for long!
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