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Fuel problems ?

PostPosted: November 20th 2008, 1:11am
by agentfelix
i have a 97 , RWD astro with 280 thousand km's , and if i leave it for a few days it will not start without about a hours work , but it seems if i bleed the shrader valve it speeds it up , it has good spark ( blue spark ) and if i start it everyday it doesnt have this problem ... but if i leave town or in camp it has a problem starting , any leads or info or links would be helpfull , thanks

Re: Fuel problems ?

PostPosted: November 20th 2008, 1:44am
by astro355
Have you checked the fuel pressure? And then, have you checked the fuel pressure after it sits for a couple days? Sounds kinda like your pressure is bleeding off. Could be a couple things like the regulator, fuel pump, etc but you would have to check the fuel pressure first.