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Bad gas mileage and hesitate on acceloration

April 19th 2009, 5:25pm


We have a 2001 AWD Astro 4.3 that we've been starting to notice a problem with.

First - the engine light is on solid - is there a way of finding out the error code without the GM plugin device.

Second - we've seen really bad gas mileage on the highway and in town.

Third - when we press on the gas pedel to get going, the van hesitates and then goes.

Thanks for any suggestions with this.


Re: Bad gas mileage and hesitate on acceloration

April 20th 2009, 1:05am

You can just go to Auto Zone and they can check codes for free , or just buy your own code reader. Before 1995 for GM vehicles all you would need is a paper clip to connect two terminals under the dash to read trouble codes. A scan tool is much better as you can do a lot more with it .
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