The easiest ABS light fix ever!

The easiest ABS light fix ever!

Postby pozo izquierdo [OP] » June 28th 2020, 6:40pm

Ok, they say life is a never ending learning process and it's better to learn late than never...

As some may know, my since new owned-92 Astro AWD started showing the ABS and brake warning light continuously. This was my third ABS unit so I figured that they last the 10 or so years and now it's time to get a new one. Well, "new" is impossible to find and so seem remanufactured as well.
Well, I started looking for a replacement (and found one from Norway!) and at the same time I started gathering information on this Kelsey Hayes 4WAL unit as I had my previous unit #2 in my hands and I was going to do an autopsy to it.

I found all kinds of material written about these units as well as and Astro 92 manual from

This manual has quite extensive instructions on the ABS unit and diagnosing the brake system.

So I started from the basics. Reading the fault codes. Well, to be precise, this I had already done a few days ago based on the info I found on various sources, meaning the paper clip method between terminals A and H of the OBD1 diagnostics plug. (Ifound codes 14, which is supposed to come every day and then code 63)
Today I red the manual and learned how to reset the codes to see if they come again. Well I did the resetting procedure (key on, short A-H for two seconds, release for one second, short them again for 2 sec) tonight and THE FAULT CODES DISAPPEARED.
Damn, I went for a spin and yes...after reaching 8 mph the ABS module performed the self test as usual! I did not go to look for a gravel road to perform the actual ABS test but I'm sure it works.
Now, how did these warning lights came on in the first place? Two weeks ago I was on the way to my summer cottage and the last strip of the road is quite narrow gravel road and passing is not easy at all. Well, there was small old Fiat coming in the oppsite direction and seeing two young girls in it I figured I will be gentleman and reverse my van the 50 meters to a safer place where it looks I can go off the road. So I did and the girls had enough space to fit their little car past me. And when I put my Astro back in gear and started coming out from the ditch the warning lights came on.
The terrain was not really "Off-Road" in that place but there were some weeds, sticks and whatever that were scraping my van's bottom so it must have been this causing the problem!
And as you can see I would desparately need a lift kit to repeat this kind of maneuvers again!

The tires I have a 235/60x15

Regarding the Kelsey Hayes 4WAL module I have already taken the unit apart. This unit in man made and being the older generation it looks to me it does not look "unserviceable" - at least mechanically. My main problem is the pump motor having moisture in it prior to my 10 years warehousing and the pump pistons being rusted as well. Getting a salvage unit with these parts in decent shape would be a no big deal to replace them. If / when I get this project completed I will make a report with pictures if somebody else would ever have the same issues...
Ari Ignatius
Hyvinkää, Finland
1992 Chevy Astro AWD Ext, 1:st owner
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