1999 Astro For Sale $1000

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1999 Astro For Sale $1000

Postby peregrin288 [OP] » May 31st 2019, 1:54am

Astro 1.jpg
Astro 1.jpg
Hello all,

The time has come to sell my 1999 Chevy Astro AWD. It is in somewhat rough shape, but has some good points.

The Bad:
Engine overheats - Not sure if it's the water pump, thermostat, fan clutch, or a combination.
Normal Chevy rust issues - Rocker panels, edges of dutch doors, tailgate, bottoms of front doors, frame
Handle on dutch door fell the @#$! apart on the inside. Still works, just need to push on the mechanism through the tailgate with a screwdriver.
Needs new tires
Brake lines are deteriorating and are causing some binding issues. The van does stop though.
I believe it sits on the original shocks.
Some of the plastic interior parts have fallen off. They are still attached by wires.
The A/C compressor died awhile ago, I replaced it with a delete pulley. This was intended to be temporary, as I think the entire A/C system (front and back) needs some replacement parts. Some of the lines are corroded, the rear sounded like Darth Vader breathing, etc.
Sliding door is a bit reluctant to slide.

The Good:
Jasper engine has 35,000 miles on it. Runs great.
Battery is fairly new.
Transmission works fine, ~155k.
New fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, rear fuel lines, and filler neck less than 100 miles ago.
All electronics work. One light bulb in the dash is out, that's it.

This would be a decent vehicle to part out. or make a good basis for a project van. If it doesn't sell, I'll probably repair the brake lines and overheating issue and use it for a little while as a go-fer vehicle to Lowes, at least until we buy a truck.

Located in Meridian, MS. Pictures coming soon.
Astro 5.jpg
Astro 6.jpg
Astro 7.jpg
Original Poster [OP]
Fueling (Empty tank)
Fueling (Empty tank)
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