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FEELER SALE: 2001 Astro RWD 2 seater passenger

September 29th 2013, 2:56pm

OK. So I'm not selling just yet. But found another Astro I'm 98% sure I'm going to buy. Don't need two, THIS IS JUST A FEELER SALE. See if people are interested, why or why not.

2001 Astro RWD Passenger van w/o the two benches.

I removed the benches for more cargo room. I do a lot of camping and have never needed to haul people around.
I have done a lot of work to make this van tow some weight behind it.
Replaced front and rear suspension. 3 years ago
Firestone airbags in the rear, no compressor. 3 years ago
Complete Moog front end from Rockauto. 4 years ago
Complete trans rebuild w/ HD Trans go kit. 1 year ago
Power steering pump. 4 years ago.
The 3.42 gearing has done great for me so far.
Got a few more MPG out of the HD kit and E-Fan, I am ball parking a solid 21mpg from the 18mpg from before.

The van has been a nickel and dime killer for me the past couple years. With more to still deal with.
Just had to replace a couple of hoses for the AC unit, the engine to that valve thingy and another forms the valve thingy to son T spliter part. I will have to do my research, it was don't a few months ago and was just some hoses that were deteriorating. Which leads me to believe that more are soon to follow. Slight AC coolant leak from the canister where you refill the R134, leaks out of the check valve. And also the HIGH speed(on the blower) doesn't work, but I looked into it and found another member replace a relay and it worked fine for them.

Rear ended a work truck, had to have the radiator support, the front quarter panels, AC condenser, coolant/washer bottle, and radiator all replaced. No damage to the engine or any thing else.

The power locks on the front doors to not have power. I've read its a likely a corroded wire terminal(s) but I haven't Doug into it because of the lack of time.
(I am a long haul truck driver by trade)

There is a little play in the steering wheel which I have been trying to eliminate, but that issue has eluded me. I think I've narrowed it down to the steering box but not sure. Its not the pump, and its happened before and after the Moog parts went in, linkages all look and feel good. So I am running out of ideas on that.

Again, I'm just feeling around to see if some might be interested or even ideas or things I left.

Thanks for looking,

P.S. I also have pictures in postings I've made and in my profile album

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