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2 bench seats

March 22nd 2011, 12:27am

From a second generation astro/safari for sale, fairly certain that these are for an astro/safari... They came with my van when I bought it, they do not go to my van... but the guy I bought the van from wanted them out of the way so he threw them into the overall cost of the van ($400)
The seats are in pretty good condition, I just spent quite a bit of time today cleaning them...
I would keep them to use as a couch or just for sitting in around the house, but trying to get insurance on my van and drivers license renewed, so asking $200
Not sure what they are worth, but just need the cash... have a vehicle, but can't drive it at the moment... have to get new license and insurance (here in illinois it is a punishable offence, meaning jail time, to be caught driving with no insurance.)
Seats are located in dixon, illinois... so yea... they are blue by the way... will post pictures soon.

Re: 2 bench seats

March 22nd 2011, 5:28am

Alright, so after looking the seats over, to figure out exactly which generation astro these came out of, I am stumped between first and second generation... so... yea... http://resources.uship.com/resize.php?p ... =270&h=210 that is pretty much what they look like, this picture is one off of the net, cannot find my camera at the moment.
The seats that I am selling are in a little bit better shape, and are nice and clean.

Re: 2 bench seats

March 23rd 2011, 5:17am

That style is for 1995 and earlier models.
They came in blue, gray, red (maroon) and beige/tan.

Re: 2 bench seats

March 31st 2011, 1:33am

*Bump* Just a quick update, these seats are still for sale for $100 for both, if anyone is interested, wonder what I was thinking asking higher than junk? lol anyways... if anyone is interested, feel free to drop me a pm, seats are located in northern Illinois in dixon.
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