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factory 4.3 Headers for sale.

February 11th 2018, 12:42am

A little history: in the mid to late 80's GM produced factory steel tubular headers for the 4.3 (see pictures) these were used on full size trucks, Astro/Safari vans and S-10 /S-15 trucks. I attempted to find a set of these for my van and I found one then a few months later found the opposite side. I found out that after GM stopped producing them they used them up till they were gone so what happened is these and the cast iron style were on the assembly lines at the same time so they were mixed together one steel and one iron on the same vehicles. I went with a V8 and never used them. They are tubular instead of square inside so I would imagine they flow better but I honestly have no idea. mine both came from our vans even though they are all the same right down to the part numbers. I held onto them because I was going to build a Vega with a 4.3 but its no longer in the cards. I have exactly 90 bucks into them and that's what I am asking for them. The A.I.R tubes were cut off and welded so if you live in a emissions state they may not work for you. markmitch

Re: factory 4.3 Headers for sale.

February 11th 2018, 1:53am

Wonder if the outlets for the y pipe would work on mine????

Re: factory 4.3 Headers for sale.

February 11th 2018, 2:39am

go to rockauto check lets say a 89 Astro exhaust manifolds and then check your year and see if the part numbers are the same.

Re: factory 4.3 Headers for sale.

February 11th 2018, 3:25am

Well, that sucks. It looks like the drivers side would work but the passenger side wouldn't .
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