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Any one lookin for a 9" swap?

May 25th 2012, 4:47am

OK folks, I'm debating on moving on. The 89 has a ton of rust, and I'm really starting to wonder about the sanity and viability of modding a vehicle that's worse than most I see in the junk yards. That being said, here's what ya need to know. All stuff is cash and carry from Joliet.

-31 spline axles, biggest baddest OEM ones Ford made. Non tapered too so you can narrow em. These make the stock ones look like TOOTH PICKS.
-Big Ford ends, upgrade to 8.8 disks easily.
-TURN KEY. This swap is a bolt in. No fabbing, no work if your van is non ABS or RWABS only.
-Comes with the drive shaft too. Neapco Brute Force U-joints with about 25-35K on them.
-11" drum brakes. These are nice.
-Steel leaves, mounts and shackles. Great for you guys who are coming offa fiberglass leaves and wanna step up. 4 leaf packs including the overload (tow/HD package)
-This is a proven, daily driven setup. I drove it almost 2,000 miles in a single trip with no issues and would do it again. The trans on the other hand.......

The BAD:
Open rear diff, 3.0 ratio. The latter may not be "bad" for you depending.
-rusty. It's been a good few years since I've done the swap, including driving in winters. This car was my daily for probably 3-4 years after the swap was done and about 25-35K miles later.
-The way it's shimmed you may want to cut the perches off the axle. I have a spare set of perches I'll throw in as well. I drove it forever this way and never gave issue but some guy from the NHRA would likely get excited.
-5X5.5 pattern in the rear, different than the front.

What you get:
-1 set of 5X7.5 alloy wheels. These are "10 hole" fords. Need tires, but they will roll your van for a while if you want to.
-Set of leaf spring U-bolts. These are longer than the stock E-line ones
-Steel leaf springs. If someone wants these and the axle sells I'd be willing to split. These alone were $200 inc. shipping. It will have both the body mounts and the shackles.
-One set of lift shackles. These are good to have if you're wanting to flip. Would be a good time to weld the perches on, but expect a frame notch to do it.
-Some steel 5X5.5 patterned wheels. Not sure on quantity yet, I'd say at least 2-3 though. I have to check storage :)
-Driveshaft that will likely work with anything that has a 700R4 or 1 piece bellhousing 4L60E. I'd check measurements to be sure. That being said though, the only thing you would need to change on your stock DS would be the rear U-joint
-The axle its self, drum to drum

Looking for 600 if I pull it, 500 if you do. If I pull it, 100 bucks for deposit will be required before pickup.

Besides that, I have a 700R4 without reverse. It has the following parts:
-Beast sun shell
-Transgo HD shift kit.
-Hardened pump rings/high RPM pressure regulator spring
-9C1 shift valve. WOT in 4th gear just like the cops or a 'vette.
-.5 boost valve
-Corvette Servo
-Brand new clutches etc. in the transmission.

Probably an easy fix, gonna keep the 4L80E for my own purposes however so I'm really not to keen on fixing it right now. The rebuild kit alone was 170, looking for 150 for all. The 9C1 valve isn't made any more either, so it is a desirable item.

Got a BOP TH400 as well, would want a $100 bill for that. It's been outside but it is wrapped heavily in plastic, and I'd be willing to pop the pan and check for moisture if someone is interested. It's a long tail trans.
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