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Transmission Slipping - 1999 4L60E

PostPosted: August 20th 2008, 6:36am
by Lotsokids
Well, the sad part is that I had 3 vehicles go down in 2 days.

- Pulled the engine out of the motorcycle Thursday to investigate some transmission noises.
- Dropped the BMW 323 off at the shop Friday for a few repairs
- On the way home after dropping off the car, the Astro's transmission started slipping out of gear.

I'll probably throw a used tranny in it and sell it... maybe. What years can I use? I know it's a 4L60E. Does a truck have the same length tail section?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Transmission Slipping - 1999 4L60E

PostPosted: August 28th 2008, 3:55am
by gtkane
The best and easiest answer is to get one from the same year and model vehicle. There are many small differences between models, that may affect proper function.