FRUSTRATING!! (neutral safety switch issues?)

FRUSTRATING!! (neutral safety switch issues?)

Postby sales1755 [OP] » May 28th 2017, 1:30am

I have a 2001 GMC Safari van that would not start and all indications pointed to the neutral safety switch. I purchased a new switch and installed it and the van started and idled until it reached operating temperature. I headed out and only made it about 1 mile away when the van shut off and would not restart.

The shift light indicator does not display what gear the van is in and I know that it will not start unless the computer reads that the van is in Park.

I started to wiggle the shifter and the ignition switch as well. To see if it's possibly an ignition issue. I noticed that while playing with both the ignition and the shifter that every so often the indicator would jump between gears.

I replaced the ignition switch still the same issue. When the ignition switch is in position1 it will illuminate the gear but not until I am in reverse. When in position2 in illuminates nothing.

EXAMPLE: ignition switch in position1 van in park. when shifting out of park and into reverse slowly, halfway there P lights up and immediately shows R. when shifted back into Park it shows nothing..

Anyone have any idea whats going on here?

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Fueling (1/8 tank)
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