Electrical issues, starter issues, etc...

Electrical issues, starter issues, etc...

Postby Crushrus [OP] » February 22nd 2019, 2:05am

2002, awd, 180k miles...

Over the last couple months I’ve noticed a bunch of random, weird electrical issues that seem to be progressing.

First noticed that the volt meter I installed in the was reading super erratically. Sometimes itll be 10v while running, sometimes 14. Sometimes 12. If you turn it off and restart you always get a different number range. Checked the battery with meter and it’s actually perfect, so it has to just be some issue in the wiring as it goes into the cab? The volt meter in dash also reflects what the aftermarket one is reading, so it’s not just an issue with the one I installed.

Occasionally when starting I’d get a loud *** squak as the starter wouldn’t disengage. It used to only be once in a great while but recently became everytime. I assumed it was just a bad starter, so I replaced it, and now it’s even worse (tried shims, not that). Now in addition to a squak it makes a little hesitation and grind, then starts, then squats and squeals until i left off on the key. Checked flywheel, no damage, no teeth issues, so I’m assuming it must be electrical? The old starter also had no damage and seemed to function fine (it’s currently being rebuilt).

As I was driving today, cruising down the freeway a couple times there was sort of a ‘bump’ in the transmission, like it shifted gears for a fraction of a second or something. Never experienced it before, but fear it may be related.

Tried to hook up a reader to the ecu, but it won’t connect (it used to). Tried two different readers, same issue. That obviously makes diagnosing anything super difficult because you can’t get any read... kind of at a loss as to how to proceed. I’m told these old chevys are known for having horrible electrical issues. Anyone heard of stuff like this? Any advice?

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Fueling (Empty tank)
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