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Turning off Daytime Running Lights

PostPosted: August 2nd 2020, 6:13pm
by Mr.P
Hi folks, New member here. I was wondering if some of you might have an answer to my problem.
I have a 1999 Astro LS. I bought it used, and the Daytime Running Lights have never worked. I am not a fan of DRL, so I just let things be.
Recently, I decided to install some low beam LED headlights to improve night time visibility. They are direct plug in replacements for the 9005 Halogen so no modification was done to the wiring. The high beams are still regular halogen lamps.
The LED lights work quite well, but I have noticed something unusual. When the headlight switch is "off" and the engine is running, the low beam LED lights "Strobe" very dimly, turning on and off a couple times a second. This occurs regardless of it being day of night. Once the headlights are turned on, they work as normal with no flickering or other problems. I am almost certain the "Strobing" is caused by the DRL system.
I would like to disable the DRL system. I have searched the web, and the "push the dome light override 4 times" doesn't work, and I cannot see a fuse labled "DRL" in the #15 position in the fuse box to remove.
Is there a east way to permanently turn of the DRL?

Re: Turning off Daytime Running Lights

PostPosted: August 7th 2020, 5:30am
by Mr.P
*UPDATE* My mistake. I must have missed it the first time, but there is a fuse marked "DRL" in the fuse box under the dash. Pulled the fuse- no more "strobing" The headlights function like normal in manual mode.