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Harness Clip Rubbing Through

PostPosted: October 22nd 2020, 1:14pm
by TBLBill
Hello All,
I figured I'd share my experience from yesterday for anyone who has their doghouse off. I've had an issue recently with my van running rough, banging into gear sometimes, showing codes for the MAF and cam pos. sensor, and blowing the ENG-1 fuse intermittently.
Yesterday, I pulled off the doghouse and found that the harness clip mounted to the rear of the engine on the passenger side had a small tab sticking out the back that put pressure on the loom and eventually wore through, cutting through a pink wire to the CPS and melting the insulation and loom.

The next time you have your doghouse off, unclip the harness and check the backside to make sure the clip isn't hurting it!