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All expert opinions needed

June 23rd 2008, 10:11pm

I had my radiator replaced for a new one. There are lines for oil . the oil line had popped out 2 times(which left my car immobilized because all the oil spilled out). The clip which held the line in place was either old or needed to be replaced. My mechanic replaced the clip and finally it stayed in. After all that I began to hear a knock which lead to a diagnosis that my motor's bearing were destroyed(All other mechanics concluded it was from the car being without oil I brought me lucas to buy me time with her because the knock is very light). The mechanic told me he was responsible for installing the radiator and not the clips which held the oil line in place. I'm trying to find out who is responsible ???? I spoke to many junkyards and they all told me this a problem with gmc-413 engine that they are faulty...one mechanic said if you get one a good one your blessed.. Please can someone give me some advice?

Re: All expert opinions needed

June 23rd 2008, 11:19pm

If the mechanic put the rad in then he did the lines up. To say that he is only responsible for the half of the job he did right is just stupid.

The clips and lines were on the old rad so they should be attached to the new rad. end of story. You might be headed to court if the mechanic will not stand behind his work. As far as the 4.3l engines having a bad bottom end who ever told you that is a moron plain and simple. These engines are way over built they have the same crank sizes as a 350 v8 and the same oil pump to supply 2 less cylinders and valve train. I would call the local BBB and lodge a complaint.

Re: All expert opinions needed

June 24th 2008, 1:13am

Flat rate service managers for repair shops around here have a saying.They call it "last touched".It is a way for the service manager to tell the mechanic he has to redo a repair for free because even if what went wrong wasn't the reason for taking it apart he was the last person to touch it.It is one of the risks of flat rate mechanic's take where the main job was the rad,but he had to take apart the oil lines to do the job,so he bought into the oil lines too.A court action would likely pro-rate a settlement based on the mileage at the time of the repair.

Re: All expert opinions needed

June 24th 2008, 5:39am

Hi ihsaan
The mechanic was the last to touch that particular part (Clips), their wasn't any problems what so ever in regards to oil lines before working on it, then their was after the mechanic worked on it. In a "Nut Shell" he is absolutely responsable 100%. I have worked on many vehicles in my days and if their was ever a problem you "Man" up to it. Apparently he is isn't and probably won't until you "Escalate" this to the next level. I wish you the best ihsaan, don't let this one slide. Unbelievable.

Re: All expert opinions needed

June 24th 2008, 6:29am

I have to say this again,the only thing you can get back is what you had in a engine before the repair and not a rebuilt one.The difference your going to have to pay for.You can't benefit from this issue.I would push for a 50/50 deal with free labor saving them the court costs.

Re: All expert opinions needed

June 24th 2008, 8:00am

I concure with the above if a vehical came into any of the shops I worked at, a repair was made under par they would asume all cost in repairing the vehical back to the same condition i.e. if the motor had 100k on it they would find on in good condition with around 75 k on it and install it at their cost. Smaller shops will argue the smaller items like seals and oil chang and other fluids but replace the motor. Try again talking to the mechanic if you cant strike a resonable agrement let the courts sort it out. Although its kinda sad if he dosent stand behind his work, makes it harder for people to trust their honest mechanic ! :banghead: 4.3l didnt have any major oil problems like the the 2.8l!!

Hope this helps!!

Re: All expert opinions needed

June 24th 2008, 1:07pm

thanks guys you are soooo supportive. You would be surprised I have worked with cars for a long time(selling and buying) I was driving believing it was a simple heat shield problem rattling. We put it up in the air last night and driving it in the air. The rattle was located in the bottom of the engine. She stills drives good at top speeds ,like 60 mph and above no rattle . The mechanics told me to drive her to she dies,she should be able to go maybe 2 years,but in reality I have to prepare for another vehicle . How I dont know. I will talk to the mechanic, then if he continues to deny responsibility then I'll have to seek other means of dealing with him.
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