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swap to carburetor

PostPosted: February 25th 2014, 3:47am
by Luis Cancel
Hello Guys

I believe the astro van is compatible with s10 that is true? it is true can i just swap everything to the astro van? a good friend give a astro 1996 2 wheel drive but I would like 4x4 carburetor thank you

Re: swap to carburetor

PostPosted: February 25th 2014, 3:54am
by chevymaher
Yes they are compatible. Computer issues between the years are the issue. It is always a pain when there is a computer involved.

Re: swap to carburetor

PostPosted: February 26th 2014, 8:29pm
by Mr_Roboto
You're swapping a carbureted S10 powertrain into your van? I wasn't aware they made a 4.3L carbed S10 just the 60 degree engines. Converting to 4WD is another beast entirely as well, I mean it's been done but it will take quite a bit of work. Usually people do solid axles with them.

If you have the engine/trans/etc and you're talking about converting your van to 4WD/carb, you'd want a return regulator with a carb FP, the entirety of the ignition system from the carbed vehicle (preferably non computer as most anything past 81 or so is) The exhaust manifolds from the van will probably work if they don't hit anything but I'd probably keep the others in case they don't fit. The Vortec manifolds will probably be less restrictive overall.

Lots of work, I know it's not a solid answer but at the same time it's a pretty open ended question in some ways. You'll have to do a lot of fabrication especially in the field of going from 2WD to 4WD. If I were to do it I"d get the Edelbrock intake, a carb, return regulator, vac/mech advance distributor, a 700R4/TH350/TH400 trans and 4WD transfer case then do a solid axle swap up front. I'm not tryign to make it sound easy, because it will be anything but quite frankly.