Let's Look at My #3 Cylinder Wall

Let's Look at My #3 Cylinder Wall

Postby Sparkydog [OP] » October 13th 2020, 8:54pm

A few of you following my build thread may remember that I became side-tracked chasing a coolant leak that I felt was more than the LIM gasket - so I dropped the subframe and pulled off my heads. The head gaskets looked OK with no obvious sign of a blown gasket. The LIM gaskets were definitely leaking. Based on where the motor stopped when it last ran I had 2 cylinders at or near TDC and the other 4 cylinders allowed me a peak at their walls. #3 is abnormal.

It's got "goo" in area "A" and a small "crater" at "B". The goo is not the same color as the carbon buildup. It scrapped off and with some carb cleaner and a paper towel I got it to vanish off the wall of the cylinder. But seeing how deep down the side it went I can't imagine that the rings on that piston are in good shape. Worst case I can imagine the crater is from a ring fragment getting smashed into the cylinder wall.

I put the head back on and will do a hand turn compression test on that cylinder this weekend.
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Firing on 1 Cylinder (L1)
Firing on 1 Cylinder (L1)
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