Chronic ignition module failure

Chronic ignition module failure

Postby Bikley [OP] » Yesterday, 4:38am

Well, it ate my brand new AC Delco module, again.

After a lot of searching around I found that the leading causes are high resistance on the primary circuit or a bad engine ground.

I looked at what was going on and decided to make some changes.

Previously I had found a broken wire in the two wire connection between the coil and the module and thought I had solved the problem. Apparently I was wrong so I got a brand new pigtail and soldered the connections with some fresh wire to the coil. I replaced the coil with a known good one I had on the shelf.

When I went to pull the dead module I discovered that the connector inside the distributor was broken so I bought a new A Team Performance dizzy off Amazon for $40. The modules that come on them are junk but they do have a nice brass cap and rotor. At the moment I'm using a brand new lifetime warrantee Advance BWT module until I determine that I've actually fixed the problem.

Next I used some 4g wire with solid copper lugs and ran an extra engine ground from the radiator support to the alternator mount.

I'm really hoping that I've fixed it this time but if anyone can think of anything I may have missed I would appreciate the input. Not only am I tired of buying parts but my wife is getting tired of getting stranded. :D
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Firing on 1 Cylinder (L1)
Firing on 1 Cylinder (L1)
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